Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lessons in Life

January was full of ups and downs. Lots of them. It was mostly chaotic, with a few peaceful moments that I happened to catch on camera. My precious baby girl is already six months old... I just can't believe it. I'm so overwhelmed by her beauty every single day.

Things I've learned in January:
- You need very little money to get by.
- Ramen noodles are great options for very tight budgets!
- Alaska isn't so bad; it's my outlook that makes it awful.
- I miss my family.
- How to ask for help.
- How to receive graciously.
- I'm very bad at committing to anything.
- Webinars rock.

What did you learn in January? Was it a good or bad month for you?


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    1. For some reason, my high school self just appeared and wanted to comment back, "ALL OF YOUR FACE!" and I was like, Allie! You're not 15 anymore!


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