Monday, January 25, 2016

Coffee Date III

If we were on a coffee date...

I would tell you I was the most scared for my life that I have ever been last night when we got a 7.1 earthquake near Anchorage. I yelled for Justin to wake up, grabbed the baby from the crib, and we huddled in a doorway, praying pretty hard! I didn't enjoy it, guys. Not one bit. I would rather deal with the tornadoes of Texas than the earthquakes of Alaska!

I would tell you that I have a blog design client and that it makes me VERY happy to be doing freelance work! I enjoy running Pink Heart Media and making blog graphics for people. (I made the ones for Thanks To Coffee.) 

I would mention that I found my Nintendo 3DS and I'm kinda excited to binge-play it in bed later tonight. I used to play Mario Brothers a lot right before bed and it hecka calmed my nerves before sleep.

I would tell you that there are BIG things in store for the Warrior Queen movement, and that if you didn't know what that was, you should check it out right away. Women supporting women? Yes please.

I would probably talk a lot about how I miss having a cat. They just make life so much better.

You'd probably have to tell me to not drink so much coffee because I can't stop twitching...or talking too much. And in return, I'd tell you that my daughter has been waking up every ten minutes for the past two nights and Justin and I have been switching out to care for her and I can't stop now because if I do, I might fall apart into a thousand tiny pieces. Or weep. Either way, coffee is saving my butt.

I'd share that I finally made a sale on my Etsy shop! It's been up for about a week and a half and I thought that nobody was paying attention to it, but boom! A sale was made randomly this afternoon and I just happened to log into my Outlook to check my email and saw the notification. I definitely was super excited! Also that the head of the concierge department of Nerdy Girl (essentially the VA department) hired me on to be a virtual assistant. I can't even express to you how happy it makes me!

If we were having coffee, what's the most important thing you'd tell me?

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  1. If I ever come to Alaska, we're totally grabbing coffee together! Actually, I wish you were a friend of mine in real life :(

    1. I totally consider you my friend, girl! :) If we were ever in the same place, you BET we'd be hanging out!

  2. This coffee date makes me so, so happy, minus Diana's lack of sleep of course! I just checked the app and she's still in leap 5, but Delainey is in the fussy period before leap 6 and the last few days make SO MUCH SENSE. I thought it was the teeth. It probably partially is the teeth. lol.

    Also, I am SO excited for all of these amazing business ventures for you!!! eeee

  3. "You'd probably have to tell me to not drink so much coffee because I can't stop twitching...or talking too much." Hahaha, this is great.

    And congrats on the Etsy sale. You go girl! So glad you joined the Coffee Date!


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