Monday, June 13, 2016

5 Things I've Learned From Six Months of Marriage

My husband and I have officially been married for about seven months now. It's weird - at times it still feels like we're just dating. Marriage is a lot harder, though, and I'm reminded of that especially on laundry days. ;) Here are 5 things I've learned in the past six months of marriage.

1. If I don't pick up that sock, it's likely to remain there until Jesus returns.

Seriously. I just pick up the sock now.

2. I couldn't imagine lifing without my best friend at my side. 

Lifing - yes, it's a word; I just decreed it so. I couldn't imagine doing it without Justin. He's just the left to my right, or the cookie to my chocolate chip! I was always a loner throughout life, and I thought I'd probably never get married and have kids. Look at me go: both of those in one year! (I wonder what I'll do next year... hahaha)

3. Combining finances was our mountain - it's GOT to be downhill from here!

Oh. My. Goodness. Finances were seriously the roughest part of cohabitation and cohesion. We tried to kind of shove everything together and basically squeeze one shoe onto both our feet, and it didn't work. We took it slow and we're STILL working on budgets and learning how each other views money and savings, but we're a little better about it now.

4. Agreeing on goals is difficult. Don't underestimate it.

Goals have always been a giant part of how I plan out my life. I'm a huge goal-setter and I'm a goal-digger, for realz. When Justin and I got married, he actually had a point in his life for about three or four months where he just struggled to have any goals. He was so concerned with providing for our little family that it consumed him. He no longer thought about ten years from now and focused on TODAY only, EVER. It was incredibly frustrating! I'm really grateful we got over that hump and are now discussing our goals almost daily. Agreeing on them can be rough, but the more you talk, the more you understand, right?

5. It's very easy to take each other for granted. 

Honestly, most of the time I forget to ask him about his day. It's hard to remember that he had a day outside of my own, and that I haven't been with him for the past 9 hours. We text constantly, so taking time out to ask the caring questions can be hard to remember. 

What's something you've learned from marriage or the marriage of your friends/family members?

5 Things I learned from six months of marriage

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