Thursday, June 16, 2016

$100 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

It's no secret that I love Starbucks. I'm currently reading Leading the Starbucks Way and I'm LOVING it. Their business model is phenomenal and the way they treat their customers like family is just amazing in 2016 with all these cold, automatic customer service experiences.

So today, I'm giving away a $100 Starbucks gift card! Thanks to Oh My Gosh Beck! for organizing the giveaway! If you want to win, keep reading!

Prize: $100 Starbucks Gift Card

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! (Please email with any questions.)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 6/30 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

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  1. I love a good iced dirty chai! My health nut friends are all anti coffee but I'm like until I can be pro sleep (I'm a mom of a toddler) I'm pro coffee!!

    1. oh my gosh, exactly! I can't even tell you how much coffee I've been drinking each day since my daughter was born! :) She's 10 months. How old is yours?!

  2. $100 would keep me in mochas for awhile!

  3. I love a good simple iced coffee with cream and lots of classic syrup aka sweetener of LIFE!! Xoxo thanks

  4. Hmmm, I'll have to go with a green tea latte.

  5. My fave starbucks drink is a Caramel Macchiato!

  6. I love me some green tea chai latte!

  7. I usually just go for plain coffee (saving $$$) but when I splurge I love a good caramel macchiato!


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